What People Say

What is a trainer or mentor? I have found that Greg Doersching is the true definition of both a trainer and a mentor in the field of recruiting. I contacted Greg year ago and up to that point I was self-taught with a few other recruiters that had been in the business for over 25 years. As an owner I knew that I was missing something because we were not having consistent income and we were all over the boards with different industries. Working with Greg has given me daily stability. When I come into the office in the morning I know exactly how my day is laid out and what I need to do. He has helped me to define our industry, and has given us a process that keeps me and my staff working in the right direction. When talking to prospective clients I have confidence in this process and we have been able to bring in more engaged fees than ever before. If you need any help – defining your market, creating positions within the group, knowing how to advertise, the recruiting process, the marketing process and goal setting, I highly recommend Greg as a trainer for this and more!

Cindy Szajkovics
Bulldog Recruiters Inc.
Greg Doersching is a fantastic trainer. He has a process and methodology from picking a niche, to getting job orders, finding candidates, managing the process and closing the deal. He doesn’t hold anything back, to upsell you to another level. He has thought through why he does what he does. I billed $100k more the first year he coached me, as a direct result of his coaching. I highly recommend him.

Steve Faulkner, Principal
Spencer James Group
In April of 2016 we had Greg speak at our National Meeting. First Interview is a National network of Sales and Market recruiters. Over the years we have had many industry speakers and many with great reputations, but our group found Greg to be engaging, with a great presentation style. The content was excellent and many commented he has such a great style to make his points, within his content most of membership walked away with a number of key points to either change or implement in their day to day practices

Bob Werrbach
First Interview Network
As I was evaluating how to revamp and take our existing professional recruiting capability to a more scalable, robust national platform, I called Greg. We spent meaningful time upfront diagnosing how our existing model worked, where we wanted to take it and want we needed to do to get it there. The engagement covered the entire recruiting lifecycle from upfront business development and order acquisition, to candidate sourcing, interview prep and placement. In addition to helping us overhaul our recruiting process, Greg provided recruiter and manager level training. To this day, we successfully use many, if not most, of the key tenets of Greg’s Bullseye Recruiting Process. Although it has been customized to accommodate our go-to-market strategy and client base, the underlying process and associated principles remain firmly in place. We wanted a recruiting process upon which we could standardize, scale and train future employees as we grew, and that is exactly what we were able to implement.

Mike Elwood
Elwood Staffing
Greg has been one of our top requested trainers for nearly a decade; his engaging presence combined with perpetually fresh content engages new recruiters and the most tenured of veterans. The entire Next Level Exchange network are fortunate to have Greg continuing to elevate the competencies and capabilities of the search industry.

Jeff Kaye | Chief Executive Officer
Next Level Exchange
Greg Doersching has worked with our team for about 5 years. During that time, our team has grown their depth and understanding of the recruiting industry and his efforts has afforded them long-term success. Greg’s knowledge of the industry and his passion for seeing others grow are two of his strong points. Our team gets value out of each session we have with Greg and we look forward to a long-term partnership.

R. Michael Brannock, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
WorkForce Unlimited
Greg worked with us to custom tailor a training plan for our recruiters, and came armed with tools that we could modify and implement. He was flexible, direct, and a pleasure to work with!

Tiffany McIntyre
Performance Improvement Manager
Arrow Strategy