Greg’s Fans

Greg Doersching brings a unique and professional approach to the Executive Search industry.
His insights and methods are clearly a terrific way to differentiate your Professional Search Services. 
Greg’s training delivers! 

Chris H.
SearchPath of Chicago, Inc.
I love Greg’s trainings! He has a creative mind set to make you look at things in a new perspective to become a better recruiter. 

Sara H
Pros at Work
“I’ve been recruiting for over 30 years. I believe in using the best trainers. I’ve subscribed to almost all of the trainers at one point or another. I took Greg’s course last year and had great success applying his techniques to my practice. I found his content to be very original and through plus he delivered his content with energy and passion. 

Dennis Y
Tell/Com Recruiters, Inc.
“Greg is one of the best trainers in the industry. We have implemented many of his best practices in our office. Greg is a genuine professional and truly does have the best interest of his clients and customers in mind.  We will continue to utilize Greg’s teachings and would encourage anyone in the recruiting industry who wants to fine tune their skills to do the same.”

Matt W
Managing Partner 
Blue Signal Search
“Greg’s training always revitalizes my recruiting efforts!  I always have a “take away” from Greg’s training that I know I can use immediately and that will have an impact on my success!”

Lisa P.
Career Search Associates
Greg is not another recruiter sharing his experience.  He is more than that. Greg has capsuled the industries best practices, packaged it in a practical and usable manner and shares it in laymen terms. He teaches what works best. If you want to be successful in this highly competitive business with reluctant clients and finicky products (candidates), listen to what Greg has to say. It helped me for sure and I thought I knew it all having been in HR on the company side for 25 years and 10 years on the recruiter agency side. Greg showed me there was plenty to learn to improve my success rate.

Robert Wilson
R L Wilson & Associates 
“I first saw Greg present training at a national conference about 10 years ago. From the onset, I could tell why he was a successful Recruiter. He has an innate ability to simplify best practices in a business where recruiters try to over-complicate things. He makes sense of it all with his down-to-earth, mid-west demeanor. It’s difficult to walk away from a training with Greg without having multiple light bulbs glowing in your head. He is motivating & innovative and his content is always at the forefront of the latest trends. I am pleased to recommend Greg as one of top 3-trainers in the recruiting industry!”

Steve Thornley
Chief Executive Officer
CareNational Healthcare Services
The information you impart to your audience is absolute gold. I would highly recommend that no money/time is better spent that taking in your words of wisdom. I love that the fact that you are still “one of us” – you connect on so many different levels. All I can say to anyone considering your training is that they will not regret it.

Marshall de Leon  C.S.C.
The Plus Group
I got excited about Greg Doersching’s training the first time I saw him in 2004; his training has been increasing our revenue and invigorating our processes every year since.  Just this month, in March of 2016, we have seen results from the implementation of yet another of Greg’s techniques.  

Thru the years I have seen lots of excellent training sessions tailored for the new recruiter; and while Greg is very good at that, what impresses me most is his consistent and renewing value to recruiters with decades of experience. I have been a recruiter since 1986; no trainer has made a bigger impact on my firm.  I am very grateful to Greg for all his innovative ideas, insightful techniques, and articulate explanations that, very simply, have helped us make more placements.  In the end that is what his training is all about.

Vickers Chambless
VC Managed Search
At the time I went through training with Greg, I worked in an office with someone who wasn’t using Greg’s techniques.  This person was using traditional client presentations, and I was following Greg’s methods.  My co-worker and I were sending the same quality of candidates to the same client.  However, I consistently received 2x the number of interview requests from clients than my co-worker.   Thanks, Greg !

Rick Richard
Managing Partner
RD Worldwide, Inc. Search & Staffing
Greg Doersching is a profound student of the executive search profession.  And a very successful practitioner of the art and science of producing candidates which delight our clients who then hire them with pleasure.  His observations and teachings on sourcing, recruiting, and making placements are fresh and unique.  If you are lucky enough to study with Greg, and master what he has to teach you, be sure you put that knowledge into practice through the protocols he makes available.  Because, then, your opportunities to grow your billings will soar –  but better yet – you will have opened the door to acquiring the towering respect, esteem, and lifestyle of a superbly good headhunter. .  .  .  .  .   A B Christie, Christie & Christie, Executive Search & Selection, Dallas, Texas, Since 1982. 

If there was ever a trainer that you should never miss an opportunity to see, it’s Greg Doersching!  I’ve seen Greg many times and he has always left me motivated with new ideas or at least with a reminder of what I know and perhaps have neglected to do.  What makes Greg special is that his presentations are down to earth.  He still works a desk, still experiences what we all do on a daily basis so he understands first hand the highs and lows of our business.  He’s honest, sincere and best of all, makes training sessions fun!  I’ve been in the recruiting industry over 30 years and there is never a time that I don’t get something out of one of Greg’s sessions!

Cindy Laughlin, CPC
Recruiting Specialists
I have been listening to recruitment focused trainers since 1993.   There are only a handful that have real life experience and put it out there as training that can change your billings.   Greg is one of those trainers.   I’ve attended Greg’s training at NAPS, IASP, and The Pinnacle Society.   I’ve also subscribed to his webinars not only for myself but for our office, who have varying degrees of experience.   I highly recommend Greg!​

Kim Knoll
Executive Resources
I love, love, love Greg’s energy, passion, and drive for what he does….. and that’s train us to do better and be better recruiters! If you have not gone through Bullseye training, you are missing out. Thank you Greg!

Patria Williams
Williams Technical Staffing
I have been an executive headhunter for 17 years. Greg’s mentorship program is truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. His unique approach serves notice to prospective and established clients alike that not all recruiters are created equal. Greg teaches that when a recruiter sounds and acts like a strategic partner… they differentiate themselves in the marketplace and are rewarded with respect, trust and placements.

Mark R. Deering
Bow Tie Executive Search Consultants
What is a trainer or mentor?  I have found that Greg Doersching is the true definition of both a trainer and a mentor in the field of recruiting.  I contacted Greg a year ago and up to that point I was self-taught with a few other recruiters that had been in the business for over 25 years.​  As an owner I knew that I was missing something because we were not having consistent income and we were all over the boards with different industries.  Working with Greg has given me daily stability.  When I come into the office in the morning I know exactly how my day is laid out and what I need to do. He has helped me to define our industry, and has given us a process that keeps me and my staff working in the right direction. When talking to prospective clients I have confidence in this process and we have been able to bring in more engaged fees than ever before.  If you need any help – defining your market, creating positions within the group, knowing how to advertise, the recruiting process, the marketing process and goal setting, I highly recommend Greg as a trainer for this and more!

Cindy S.
Bulldog Recruiters Inc.
“Greg’s training helped our group demystify problems.  His down to earth approach of breaking down a situation into basic pieces is wonderful.”

Karen WZ
Whitaker Companies
Greg Doersching is an Amazing Trainer for anyone that is interested in taking their Permanent Placement Recruiting billings & or business to the next level. Greg s training includes some of the most comprehensive, actionable, & effective business processes that can be immediately employed to drive results in the form of revenue to the bottom line. Greg’s direct approach and sense of humor will keep you coming back for more! I highly recommend Greg! FIVE STARS

Brian Swaney, CPC, CERS
Managing Director
Fidelis Search Accounting & Finance
Greg was instrumental in my development as a Search Consultant. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to see Greg speak at various conferences. I was also given the opportunity to work hands on with Greg early in my career. His ability to coach recruiters on the various internal layers of taking a search and building candidate/client relationships has been a cornerstone of my recruiting practice.

Phil Guillen
Phil Guillen & Associates LLC | Managing Partner 

I have participated in Greg Doersching’s live and web training segments for the past five years and have gotten great value from his seminars and content. For example, Greg’s influenced me greatly in qualifying the types of searches I’ll take on, primarily from a geographic standpoint. He also gave a great segment on speaking to Millennials about money recently. Greg’s training is concise and works at the desk and management level.

Gary Eastwood
SB Solutions, Inc.
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