STEP – BY – STEP to Extreme Recruiting Service

STEP – BY – STEP to Extreme Recruiting Service

That’s what this program will be all about.  Breaking down 9 absolutely critical, money-making steps that turn your desk into a focused, process driven system. That will help you find, attract, qualify and deliver more candidates in this candidate short market.  This is the ultimate “work smarter, not harder” training.  Each session will take you through the concept, the logic, the wording, the forms  and the implementation plan to but a unique action into place.  You’ll get it all in one proven package..

The Class Schedule – 1:30 – 2:30 PM CST LIVE via GoToMeeting

March 23 – Attraction Based Recruiting – How to talk to the newest generation of candidates.
March 28 – Creating the focused Recruiting plan – Phone Calls, Email, Phone Calls, Postings, More Phone Calls.
March 30 – Presenting Opportunities – you don’t pitch jobs any more.
April 4 – Qualifying the Big 3 – Money, Motivations and Matching Skills.
April 6 – Presenting Candidates and Impressing Clients – put your submittal to interview ratio through the roof.
April 11 – First Round Interview Mastery – Telephone or Personal how to have your candidates rock solid ready.
April 13 – Final Interview and Compensation Finesse – Setting up a solid “yes”!
April 25 – Acceptance and Resignation Guide – crossing the finish line with the blood, sweat and tears.
April 27 – Open Q&A – ask me anything about anything and we’ll go through it again.

This class is limited to 20 participants…as soon as 20 people sign up the registration link will stop working.

Price – only $450/participant ( and if you want 3 people from your office crowded around 1 computer – that’s fine with me.)
To register click the link below –

All sessions are recorded and you have will have access to each one until 30 days after the last class.

Any questions – please shoot me an email.