Full Desk Program

Course Count: 17 Duration: 17 hours
Cost: $1,250.00

This package is 18 hours of training that encompasses both the Sales and Recruiting sides of a desk. This the most comprehensive training package offered and a must for anyone running their own desk. Please note the content of this package is available for 60 days from the date of purchase.
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Course: A1 – Planning
Understanding how to structure and plan your days are paramount to the success of any aspect of a recruiters desk. This class gives you a focused approach to creating and executing your plan.

Course: Biz Dev Session 1 – Selling Your Firm
Understanding what you really need to be ready to talk about when trying to sell your company to potential customers is the focus of this unit.

Course: Biz Dev Session 2 – Creating a Business Development Plan
How to create a Business Plan to grow your desk – including niche specialization and target marketing.

Course: Biz Dev Session 3 – Targeted Client Development
Creating a strategy for turning a selected group of prospects into clients. How to create that list, target that list and call that list.

Course: Biz Dev Session 4 – Calling Help Wanted Ads
How to use to Help Wanted Ads as a lead to generate new clients.

Course: Biz Dev Session 5 – STAR Marketing
Some Call it MPC, others FYI, for me it’s STAR Marketing – how do you take a candidate and shop them to both potentially place them and/or use it as a Business Development tactic.

Course: Biz Dev Session 6 – Overcoming Sales Objections
When making Business Development calls you will get objections – how do you respond to those objections in a way that sets you up for future success.

Course: Biz Dev Session 7 – Direct Hire Fee Negotiation
How to present the different fee options available, contingency, engaged, retained, in a way that gives you the best possible outcome with clients.

Course: Biz Dev Session 8 – Taking A Job Order
How to take a comprehensive job order.

Course: Recruiting Session 1 – Attracting Candidates
Understanding what candidates are listening for and how to create the perfect recruiting story.

Course: Recruiting Session 2 – Sourcing Candidates
How to think strategically about where to find the best candidates for any search.

Course: Recruiting Session 3 – Making Recruiting Calls
How to make recruiting calls that attract candidates.

Course: Recruiting Session 4 – Qualifying Candidates
Understanding how to match not just skill and experiences but also qualifying money and motivations.

Course: Recruiting Session 5 – Proper Submittals
How do you package up a candidate to send them to a client in a way that truly separates you from other recruiters.

Course: Recruiting Session 6 – Telephone Interviews
How to prep and debrief both candidates and clients for Telephone Interviews.

Course: Recruiting Session 7 – Personal Interviews
How to get candidates ready for Personal Interviews. Also following up on the client side of the interview process

Course: Recruiting Session 8 – Final Closing Steps
How to handle the final steps of the placement process from last interview to offer and finally resignation.

Course Code: Full Desk Recruiter Package Ceu Credits: 17.01

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