Business Development Program

Course Count: 9 Duration: 9 hours
Cost: $749.00

The Business Development Packages is an 8 sessions that cover everything from How to sell your Firm to Overcoming Objections to Fee Negotiations all the way to Taking a Comprehensive Job Order. If you are responsible for getting new business this package is for you. Please note the content of this package is available for 60 days from the date of purchase.
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Course: A1 – Planning
Understanding how to structure and plan your days are paramount to the success of any aspect of a recruiters desk. This class gives you a focused approach to creating and executing your plan.

Course: Biz Dev Session 1 – Selling Your Firm
Understanding what you really need to be ready to talk about when trying to sell your company to potential customers is the focus of this unit.

Course: Biz Dev Session 2 – Creating a Business Development Plan
How to create a Business Plan to grow your desk – including niche specialization and target marketing.

Course: Biz Dev Session 3 – Targeted Client Development
Creating a strategy for turning a selected group of prospects into clients. How to create that list, target that list and call that list.

Course: Biz Dev Session 4 – Calling Help Wanted Ads
How to use to Help Wanted Ads as a lead to generate new clients.

Course: Biz Dev Session 5 – STAR Marketing
Some Call it MPC, others FYI, for me it’s STAR Marketing – how do you take a candidate and shop them to both potentially place them and/or use it as a Business Development tactic.

Course: Biz Dev Session 6 – Overcoming Sales Objections
When making Business Development calls you will get objections – how do you respond to those objections in a way that sets you up for future success.

Course: Biz Dev Session 7 – Direct Hire Fee Negotiation
How to present the different fee options available, contingency, engaged, retained, in a way that gives you the best possible outcome with clients.

Course: Biz Dev Session 8 – Taking A Job Order
How to take a comprehensive job order.

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